How Aging Affects Your Feet?

Aging is inevitable; whether we accept it or not, every one of us will get old later or sooner. With aging comes several problems which imbalances the proper functioning of the body. Some issues are natural, and some may have the damaging aspect and sometimes even injurious. One such problem is Foot pain, which can be seen in an increased number of older people. Feet pain can hinder mobility, may pose problems for a person in maintaining his body posture and, importantly, quality of life. Studies have shown that feet are more common in older people; 4 out of 10 people who are old experience feet and ankle pain, and some even arthritis. With the increasing proportion of the population impacted by it, it is necessary to learn more about this problem in detail.


A remarkable number of causes are directly linked to feet pain, such as aging, inappropriate foot wearing, dehydration, female sex, obesity, and arthritis. Various studies showed that foot pain was the primary reason, stopping older people from leaving their homes and hindering their day-to-day lives. Some of the pain can be eased with treatments that can be done at home, whereas more serious, even requiring medical surgery.

Loss of Flexibility

One of the significant causes of feet pain in older age is the loss of tendons’ flexibility, causing stiffness and decreased strength. The elasticity and stability of various ligaments and tendons are lost due to aging, which is further caused by the reduced circulation of blood across the body. This can cause serious problems such as muscle tearing, tendon tear.

Physical Problems

The texture, dryness, and color of the feet may change as one gets old, resulting in cracks and lesions on the skin itself. These lesions and dryness can occur simply because of less intake of water. The cracks developed may cause further strain on the skin, resulting in acute pain and difficulty in moving,

Other Major Reasons

Arthritis can also be developed in older people, simply because of wear and tear of the skin and feet itself over many years. This is caused by the breakdown and slipping of cartilage and tendons between the joints, further worsening the problem. This can cause swelling, redness, stiffness, and decreased range of motion. Even in this category, females are at more risk of developing arthritis than men.

Taking Care

I am wearing footwear, then barefoot can be especially beneficial and may help stop the lesions and cracks from developing on the feet itself. The most important is contacting a doctor whenever one experiences severe pain without falling into ignorance.

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