Is Phenq Really Clinically Proven


There is much doubt as to if Phenq is as effective as it is made out to be. There is no shortage of endorsements for the product celebrity or otherwise. It has taken the world by storm as the latest and greatest new product on the diet markets all that is cracked up to be. Is it really the “slim at your desk” product that it claims to be and are those clinically proven results?

There have been numerous studies that have been conducted on humans and animals alike to prove or disprove the effects of Phenq. What has been illustrated is that the Capiscum extract can actually increase your metabolism. This happens because the extract raises the body’s temperature. The increase of temperature results in a higher metabolism that more readily burns fat before it has a chance to store itself. It also improves your circulation, which means more nutrients, and oxygen will be pumped through your body that is a beneficial attribute in weight loss and in general good health.

Capsicum is used most commonly in cooking. Cooks throughout the ages have utilized it but it has also been utilized as a remedy for many ailments from mild to severe. It has not been until recent times that it has been recognized for its ability to assist in weight loss as well as in the suppression of appetite. Phenq’s usage of the ingredient is a testament to this newfound knowledge.

Phenq in UK is available to purchase from the official website. You don’t need a prescription because it is totally natural. Caffeine and niacin are the only ingredients that have been added to the capsicum to enhance its amazing weight loss effects. The amount of caffeine is minimal enough to have no side effects so there is no worry that you will experience negative side effects that accompany too much caffeine.

Phenq tablets are coated with a product that will protect the lining of your stomach from the sometimes uncomfortable effects of ingesting capsicum. Capsicum can cause discomfort in the mouth, throat and stomach. This coating allows you to take the higher dosages that are necessary to see results. Even the most sensitive of digestive systems can will be able to ingest the formula without discomfort. You only need one small capsule a day versus the multiple pills you must take with other products.

Another reason Phenq is a favorite is how effective it is in a short amount of time. Some will lose up to 4lbs in the first week of taking Phenq .By ingesting one tablet a day you can burn up to 278 calories. This is the caloric equivalent of two chocolate chip cookies or a slice of pizza. It would take you 25 minutes of cardiovascular exercise to burn this many calories. All of this occurs without having to take a single step! With figures like this you can see that it really is all that it is cracked up to be.

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