What Causes Blackheads

There are as such a number of reasons mentioned in the books which lead to blackheads. More the number of sources you look for, more reasons you will find for causing blackheads but the basic cause which leads to the occurrence of blackheads is due to the abnormality in the hormonal level in the body which stimulates the sebum gland to secrete out the oil like substance in misappropriate proportions.

Blackheads are sometimes referred to as ‘pimples’ as in case of pimples the pores on the surface of skin gets clogged with a number of dust particles. Due to these dust particles, inflammation occurs in the form of bright red pimples which causes the face look ugly. In a similar way blackheads are caused. The majority of populations, who fall under the category of oily skin individuals, suffer from this vicious disease. Sebum in normal level is actually advantageous for the humans. It has many uses like keeping the skin ‘water proof’. It also plays a major role in moisturizing the surface of body as without it a number of cracks would appear on the skin when the skin would be exposed to the direct sun.

The pathway of the release of oil like substance- sebum from the sebum gland to the surface of the body is very complex and involves various intermediates. It flows through the ‘pores’, followed by ‘hair follicles’ and finally ending up into the ‘skin’. In abnormal condition when the level of release of sebum rises where such a condition is released that the sebum starts acquiring inside the pores, ‘dead cells’ as well as micro organisms start invading in it. As they move in they get settled down there and form a clog. This is followed by the shortening of the pores which further leads to the formation of a hair follicle called as ‘whitehead’. These hair follicles then slightly grow further and get exposed to the environment. As it gets exposed to the environment, oxidization reaction takes place which finally cause that ‘whitehead’ to convert into a ‘blackhead’.

Since the growth of the blackheads takes place at a very fast pace, therefore it becomes important for every individual suffering from blackheads to take a remedial measure as soon as possible. The major effort should be put in first to clean of the pore gently. Also another remedial measure can be tried where the blood purification is done with the help of prescribed medications. The mentioned methods work by actually declining down the increased level of sebum oil in the body.

For cleaning out the face to remove the blackheads, various ‘topical solutions’ are present that aid in the removal of blackheads. Firstly the face has to be washed with tap water gently. Then apply the ‘topical solution’ on medicated paper and rub it on the area where blackheads are caused. This process of rubbing will remove out the micro organisms and dead cells clogged in the pore.

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