Managing Stress

Managing Stress

Not all stress is bad. In fact, we probably need some stress in our lives to keep us on our toes. Many activities are worth doing even if they are stressful, such as paying bills or talking out an upsetting problem. It is often not the stressors themselves that are the problem but how you cope with them.


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Managing Stress

Stress can ruin our complexion. Tension and anxiety cause the body to release androgens that activate oil-producing glands in the skin. The result is often an outbreak of acne, pimples or oily skin.

Other hormones secreted in response to changes in moods and emotions influence such external features as the color, elasticity and tone of the skin, the circulation of blood to the capillaries below the skin and the formation of new skin and hair cells.

Because of this relationship between stress and the complexion, it is important to learn stress management skills if you want your skin to look its best. Natural, alternative techniques offer a variety of ways to help us deal with the stress in our lives.

Several methods are listed below and may remind you of-or introduce you to-available relief. If any interest you, it is recommended that you try one at a time so you will be aware of its effect in your life.

Once you know how you react to a technique, it is possible to work in combination with others, as long as you introduce only one at a time.

Unhealthy habits

Unhealthy habits may reduce your resistance to stress. They may also have other negative effects on your health. Unhealthy habits include

  • Smoking-It's best to quit, even if it takes several attempts to succeed
  • Drinking too much alcohol-Alcohol does not reduce the effects of stress and may keep you from facing issues you should handle in better ways
  • Drinking too much coffee (or caffeine)-Coffee in small amounts seems harmless, but too much can make you feel nervous and tense
  • Overeating, especially between meals-Try to replace "nervous eating" with a healthy habit such as relaxation, physical exercise, or pleasurable activities

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