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Natural Skin Care for - Blemished Skin

The skin care program for blemished skin is designed to find the imbalance that program for blemished and to compensate by making changes in diet, lifestyle, and skin care habits. The gentle, external skin care program is designed to calm and purify the skin.

There is no medical cure for the cause of blemishes, though the symptoms can be treated with drugs such as antibiotics and Accutane. Finding one cure for blemishes is not possible because of biochemical and physiological differences that will work for everyone.

Blemished Skin is chronic blemishes, whiteheads, or blackheads; overactive oil glands.

Blemished Skin Characteristics :

This type of skin is delicate, over-react to sun, touch, and certain cosmetics ingredients.

Steps For Blemished Skin Care Program :

  • Compressing :

    Use cool to slightly warm facial compresses.

  • Cleansing :

    Blemished skin should be cleansed well, two times a day, morning and evening. Do not use a cream cleanser and do not over cleanse with a strong, drying cleanser. In particular, do not use soap because it can irritate the skin and clog the pores, causing more blemishes. Cleansing gels are well suited for younger blemished skin.

  • Toning :

    Use a toner made especially for blemished skin. Aloe vera and herbal extract based toners can be excellent for blemished skin, if well formulated. Look for ingredients that calm and purify such as chamomile, lavender, juniper and sage.

  • Moisturizing :

    Moisturizer may not be necessary unless the skin is dehydrated. In this case, use only an oil-free moisturizer. Facial oils are not recommended for blemished skin.

Special treatments for Blemished Skin :

  • Steaming :

    It helps to cleanse by encouraging perspiration, cleansing the pores from the inside out and allowing the oil flow freely. Steaming can be used as often as twice a week for eight to ten minutes if it has been determined to be helpful.

  • Exfoliate :

    Exfoliation is often helpful for blemished skin. Alpha hydroxy acid products can prevent pores from clogging with cellular debris. This can help prevents blemishes. Choose an oil free, liquid product. Watch for skin irritation. If this occurs, use a milder AHA product or use it less often.

  • Aromatherapy treatments :

    Aromatherapy treatments can be very effective for helping blemished skin. All essential oils have antibacterial properties and such are easily absorbed into the skin to serve this purpose. Juniper (berry) is the excellent detoxifier, and tea tree oil helps the immune system.

  • Clay masks :

    Clay masks are very good for blemished skin type, because they help to absorb oil and toxins.

  • Eye creams :

    Eye creams are important for all skin types including this also. The eye area has very few glands and is not a blemish-prone area. Use a light weight eye cream, sparingly, as a protectant.

  • Misting :

    Misting is well suited for this skin as it needs moisture. It can be helpful to add essential oils to the misting water or to use an herb tea.

Suggested routine for Blemished Skin :

  • Daily :

    In the morning : Compress, cleanse ,tone, apply alpha hydroxy acid product that is oil-free. Apply a moisturizer, an eye cream, and lip balm. Mist.

    In the evening : Compress, cleanse, tone. Apply light moisturizer, if skin feels dehydrated. Apply an eye cream, and lip balm. Mist.

  • Weekly :

    Steam the face once or twice a week for eight to ten minutes and then follow with a clay based mask. Be certain that the clay is rinsed thoroughly from the skin; otherwise it may clog the pores and be irritating.

Special Considerations for Blemished Skin :

  1. The sun can be used therapeutically for blemished skin but only in very small doses. Too much sun will aggravate oil production and can cause surface burning, which will trap oils underneath the top layer of the skin, possibly causing blemishes to worsen.

  2. Never squeeze a blemish in "triangle of death". This is the area from the corners of the lips to the bridge of the nose.

  3. Do not use abrasive sponges or granular cleansers. These can be irritating and can spread an infection.

  4. Don't use sunscreens if you have blemished skin.

  5. Certain toothpastes, especially tatar-control, can cause blemishes around the mouth.

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