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Natural Skin Care for - Dry Skin

The skin care program for the dry skin is designed to protect the skin from moisture loss and prevent damage from harsh conditions such as wind, extreme temperatures, sun exposure. This can be overcome by using techniques to prevent further drying and by keeping the skin well hydrated both internally and externally.

Dry Skin Characteristics :

This type of skin is tight feeling, dull appearance, fine texture, may have visible flaking.

Steps For Dry Skin Care Program :

  • Compressing :

    Dry skin - whether lacking oil, water, or both - will greatly benefit from plenty of warm facial compresses because they stimulate glandular function and hydrate the skin. Avoid cold water or prolonged cool-water rinsing because it slows down the sebaceous glands and oil production, which is not good for dry skin.

  • Cleansing :

    Cleansing once a day is all that is necessary for the dry skin, and is best when done in evening. Milk cleansers are best for dry skin or creamy cleansers can also be used. Never use soap on dry skin and avoid abrasive scrubs.

  • Toning :

    Use a toner designed for dry skin only. Toning is optional for dry skin, if you feel that you are able to thoroughly rinse the cleanser from the skin, you may choose not to use a toner.

  • Moisturizing :

    Dry skin probably need a heavy, well balanced moisturizer with a very good humenctant. If dry skin is exposed to sun, heat, dry air, cold, or wind a heavier moisturizer should be used to provide increased protection. Overuse of moisturizer will discourage the natural production of oil.

    Facial oils are not recommended for dry skin as a moisturizer because they do not contain water in the formulation, an ingredient that dry skin desperately needs, however, they can be used as nutritive treatments.

Special treatments for Oily Skin :

  • Steaming :

    Frequent Steaming isn't appropriate for dry skin. Once or twice a month for hydrating benefits. 2 to 5 minutes steam at a distance is good but without feeling heat.

  • Exfoliate :

    Exfoliatation is important for dry skin, especially because it is cleansed once. The papaya enzyme exfoliating products are gentle enough for dry skin.

  • Aromatherapy treatments :

    Aromatherapy treatments are good for dry skin if they provide moisture and oil as well as the essential oils such as a moisturizer or a cleansing milk. The essential oils are oil of lavender, geranium as they help to balance the granular function in the skin. The gentle oils such as rose, neroli, and chamomile(Roman) are good for dry skin that is irritated or delicate.

  • Hydrating masks :

    Hydrating masks are excellent for the dry skin and can be used once a week or more often, if necessary. Do not use clay-based unless they contain ingredients that counteract the drying effects of clay.

  • Eye creams : Eye creams are very important and should be worn during the day and at night, containing good humectants, water and oils.

  • Misting :

    Misting is good for dry skin as long as it is done while wearing a moisturizer with a good humenctant. Mist throughout and as often as possible.

Suggested routine for Dry Skin :

  • Daily :

    In the morning : Splash the face with warm water. Use an alpha hydroxy acid product for exfoliation, if your skin can tolerate it. Apply a moisturizer with good humenctant such as glycerin, panthenol, or hyaluronic acid on the entire face. Apply an eye cream and a lip balm. Mist.

    In the evening : Compress, cleanse, tone(Optional), and moisturize with an aromatherapy skin cream or lotion. Apply an eye cream and a lip balm. Mist.

  • Weekly :

    Use a hydrating and/or conditioning cream mask. Use mask twice a week - once for exfoliating and once for hydrating. Begin ith the enzyme mask, then in two or three days use the cream mask.

  • Monthly :

    Steam, as described under 'special treatments' above, once or twice a month.

Special Considerations for Dry skin :

  1. Dry skin can be caused and aggravated by frequent swimming in chlorinated pools and frequent exposure to wind and salt water.

  2. Some acne medications can cause severe surface dryness. If you have blemish problems, your skin is not dry.

  3. Air travel in pressurized cabins dehydrates the skin as a solution drink plenty of water and mist your often.

  4. Over consumption of alcohol may lead to the dehydration of skin.

  5. Harsh cosmetics can cause/aggravate dry skin.

  6. Dry skin can benefit from nutritional supplementation. Vitamin A keeps skin supple and vitamin B helps to balance the skin's granular activity. Vitamin C assist granular activity as well as it is crucial to the formation of collagen and elastin, the building blocks of the skin. Vitamin E skin and is required for tissue metabolism. Essential fatty acids help to keep the skin youthful.

  7. Avoid cold water on the face. It slows and suppresses the glandular activity and circulation, both of which need to be stimulated, not suppressed, in the dry skin.

  8. Keep all hair products off the facial skin, especially hair spray - it can be drying as well as irritating.

  9. Use humidifiers in rooms that are artificially heated to replace the moisture in the air that is lost to the dry heat.

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