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Natural skin care is best for your body. This sections describes how you can make your own natural skin care products. Also, includes hundreds of natural skin care recipes.


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Natural Skin Care for - Normal Skin

The skin care program for the normal skin is designed to maintain it's well balanced state with proper care and to prevent premature ageing. Normal is the condition that all other skin types are trying to achieve and the truth is, after childhood it is rare that the skin is normal truly.

Normal Skin Characteristics :

This type of skin is smooth, firm, moisture-balanced, oil-balanced, medium pores, soft and unwrinkled.

Steps For Normal Skin Care Program :

  • Compressing :

    Use cool or warm compresses.

  • Cleansing :

    Normal Skin is the only skin type that can be use widest variety of cleansers such as oil-free, milky or soap free foaming cleansers. Oil-free cleansers are good for younger, normal skin(teen age to twenty years old) and can be cleansed twice a day - in the morning and before going to sleep. As it matures, however, normal skin will become drier.

    The milky cleansers are good for older normal skin (early twenties). When this occurs cleansing should be reduced to once a day.

    After cleansing, splash the face with cool water and pat dry.

  • Toning :

    Use a toner designed for normal skin and apply it on the face and the neck, using a cotton ball. Leave the skin slightly damp.

  • Moisturizing :

    Apply a light moisturizer, or facial oil only where it is needed - usually in the cheek area.

Special treatments for Normal Skin :

  • Steaming :

    Steaming is good for normal skin - once a week for a eight to ten minutes.

  • Exfoliate :

    Exfoliate on a daily with an alpha hydroxy acid or papaya enzymes product. It will help to maintain skin normal and is good prevention measure against the build-up of the dead skin cells that can cause roughness, fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Aromatherapy treatments :

    Aromatherapy treatments such as facial oils, misters, moisturizers or masks can help to maintain the balance of normal skin. Those containing essential oils of lavender, jasmine, ylang ylang, rosewood, clary sage and geranium are good choices.

  • Clay masks :

    Clay masks used twice a month, help to deep-clean normal skin. Cream masks may also used if soothing and nourishing are needed.

  • Eye creams :

    Eye creams help prevent the visible signs of ageing around the eyes. As time passes, this will be the first place that normal skin develops wrinkles. Using a lightweight moisturizer or specially designed eye cream will protect this area.

  • Misting :

    Misting is good for normal skin to maintain hydration and is an excellent preventive measure against dryness and wrinkling.

Suggested routine for Normal Skin :

  • Daily :

    In the morning : Compress, cleanse, tone, apply an oil-free alpha hydroxy acid product and moisturize where necessary. Apply lip balm. Mist.

    In the evening : Compress, cleanse, tone, apply an aromatherapy facial skin oil designed for normal skin. Apply eye cream or light moisturizer around the eye. Apply lip balm. Mist.

  • Weekly :

    Use a papaya enzyme mask.

    Steam for eight to ten minutes.

    Use a cream mask if the skin needs hydrating and nourishing, use a clay mask if the skin needs a deep cleansing.


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