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Natural Skin Care for - Oily Skin

The skin care program for the Oily skin is designed to keep the skin well cleansed without causing dryness and because oily skin is prone to blemishes, to prevent breakouts.

Oily Skin Characteristics :

This type of skin is medium to large pore, shiny appearance, tendency for blackheads and blemishes.

Steps For Oily Skin Care Program :

  • Compressing :

    Use cool to slightly warm compresses. Cool water helps sedate the oil glands and calm down oil production.

  • Cleansing :

    It is common mistake to over cleanse to keep skin oil free. It can also stimulate oil production as the skin tries to replace the oil that is constantly being cleansed away.

    Oily skin should be gently cleansed twice a day - in the morning and before going to bed. Those with younger oily skin should use cleansing gel or soap-free foaming.

    Oily skin at any age should avoid heavy cream cleansers. Following cleansing, splash the face well with cool water.

  • Toning :

    Use a toner designed for oily skin. Be certain that it is alcohol free. Some manufacturers put alcohol in toners for oily skin but alcohol is too drying for all skin type.

  • Moisturizing :

    Younger oily skin will probably not need a moisturizer at all unless it is dehydrated(lacking water). Older oily skin probably dehydrated and will benefit from the protective and hydrating qualities of the moisturizer. Even for adults oily skin the moisturizers should be oil-free.

Special treatments for Oily Skin :

  • Steaming :

    Steaming helps to deep-clean oily skin. Once or twice a week for eight to ten minutes is good. Steaming helps keep the pores clear and prevents clogging that may lead to blackheads or blemishes.

  • Exfoliate :

    Exfoliate using oil-free alpha hydroxy acid product. This will help to keep the pores clear and prevents clogging which helps to prevent blemishes.

  • Aromatherapy treatments :

    Aromatherapy treatments helps to balance the granular activity, improve circulation, and detoxify. Look for the products such as masks that contain essential oil of lavender, geranium, ylang ylang, peppermint, juniper(berry), orange, cypress, lemon, clary sage, or tea tree.

  • Clay masks :

    Clay masks are well suited for oily skin for deep cleansing and detoxifying cream masks should not be used.

  • Eye creams :

    Because the eye area produces no oil for protection, even those with oily skin should use eye cream with light formulation.

  • Facial Misting :

    Facial Misting is good for oily skin to maintain moisture balance.

Suggested routine for Oil Skin :

  • Daily :

    In the morning : Compress, cleanse, tone, apply an oil-free alpha hydroxy acid product and If the skin is dehydrated apply a very light oil-free moisturizer where necessary. Apply lip balm. Mist during the day. If necessary wipe the face with cotton ball saturated with a toner or aloe vera juice.

    In the evening : Compress, cleanse, tone. Apply hydrating, light moisturizer or eye cream around the eye. Mist.

  • Weekly :

    Steam for eight to ten minutes. Use a clay based masks.

Special Considerations for oily skin :

  1. Dietary considerations : Raw and steamed fruits and vegetables have a cleansing, non-congesting effect on oily skin. Animal fast and diary products can aggravate an oily skin condition. In addition to the vitamins and minerals important for skin health, lecithin can be taken as a supplement.

  2. Stress can stimulate oil production in the skin by affecting the hormone levels in the bloodstream.

  3. After a long driving or outdoor time expenditure wipe your face with cotton and dampered with a non-drying toner or aloe vera.

  4. Do not use soap on oily skin. It is too drying and irritating, which can stimulate oil production.

  5. Avoid frequent facial massage because it can stimulate oil production.

  6. Avoid products that contain alcohol. Alcohol aggravates oily skin and dries it out. Prolonged use of alcohol-based products causes dehydration, pore enlargement and a leathery texture.

  7. Too little sleep and chronic fatigue can aggravate an oily skin condition.

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