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Do Not Smoke

The second leading cause of skin damage is cigarette Smoking. Avoid smoking, as it damages the appearance of the skin. Cigarette smoke deprive the skin of the nutrients and oxygen needed for good health, ultimately leaving it looking dull and lifeless.

They lead to the formation of harmful free radicals which weaken the collagen, with the result that the skin becomes prematurely wrinkled. Approximately 4,000 chemical compounds are produced when tobacco burns.

Among those considered harmful when smoke is inhaled or comes in contact with the skin are acetone, ammonia, arsenic, benzene, cigarette smoking, carbon monoxide and nicotine impede the circulatory system, depriving the skin of much-needed oxygen and vital nutrients.

Smoking damages the skin and cause secondary wrinkling on the face, and lips mainly responds to the smoke. There are other unfavorable aesthetic consequences to smoking. Women who smoke at least one pack of cigarette a day have a 50% greater chance of developing increased facial hair.

This was discovered by researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin and is considered related to the effects of the smoking on the ovaries and/or hormonal metabolism. In addition, smokers (male/female) more likely to develops gum disease than non-smokers.

In recent studies it was found that smokers had fewer teeth with more and deeper periodontal pockets than non-smokers. Smoking is also linked to bone loss, which contributes to the loss of teeth.

Smoking also restricts normal way of blood flow and many toxin to and from the skin. Smokers have a pallid complexion and skin which causes wrinkles prematurely.

Serious Health Problems Due to Smoking

  1. Lung diseases such as cancer, emphysema, and bronchitis can be caused by smoking.

  2. Smoking damages the skin and cause secondary wrinkling on the face.

  3. Smoking is a leading cause of coronary artery diseases.

The best advice : If you don't smoke, don't start; if you do smoke, quit!


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